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Worst experience ever with online shopping.

I pre-ordered the s20 ultra 512gb black on February 21st. Never recieved the phone on March 6th, contacted support, escalated my issue to "Higher ups" whoever they may be. Got an e-mail 2 days later with no helpful information. Called again March 9th, escalated again....morning of March 10th order was mysteriously cancelled. Called once I found out of cancellation, was told that alot of people are experiencing this and not to worry about it. Few days later and no response from Samsung so I called again. This time they couldn't find my order at first, but then somehow found it. They are escalating my issue and expect an email in 2 to 3 days.....I just told them to keep my order cancelled and issue me a refund of what I put down on the phone/bill w/e. I never saw the notification for my refund after a few days so called again to ask about what's going on with it, this was March 24th already. They said they have already released it to me so I checked my bank account since February 21st and could not see the charge to Samsung at all so I thought they might have voided the transaction since I didn't see my initial charge anymore. So I thought this was the end of this horrible situation, but AHAHAHA I WAS WRONG! Today March 26th Samsung charged me again for that 7:05pm EST I have been roped into this mess again. Called support, and guess order has been escalated, please wait 2-3 business days for an e-mail in response to my situation.........Please Samsung, just give me my money back and leave me alone...please.....Worst experience ever from a big name company and ive been a long time customer not only with tv's but all my smart phones have been with Samsung from the S3 to my current Note 10, maybe I've been too loyal? Change my mind.


Re: Worst experience ever with online shopping.

Yeah I get that it works that way which is why nothing was taken out in the first place I guess. The big picture here, though, is that after 16 days of the order being cancelled, I'm being possibly charged for something I no longer want due to a bad experience. Like... It's been cancelled.... Over 2 weeks ago!! Why, out of no where, is this pending charge happening?? What else do I need to do to reinforce the fact that I do not want the product anymore? I'm sorry, but that should never happen, at least not in my opinion. The issue was resolved, unfortunately not to my liking but it was done and over with. Then they mishandled it and messed up again.