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YouTube window shrinks and won't close and makes parts of screen unresponsive

Had my S20 ultra for one week. Today I finally had time to play around with the camera. I had opened a YouTube window to show my Dad the video of an apple watch expelling water out of speaker holes..  The window with the video playing minimized down to the normal approx 1"×1½" in the lower right of the screen just above the Navigation bar except this time the window with the video playing was smashed and distorted to the point you cannot even see what's playing and also a black line extending off the top right of the youtube window over to the right of the screen. The video window is completely unresponsive and had most of the touchscreen unresponsive and un usable. All the while still playing the video on full volume with no way to lower the volume and no way to close the window. Tried everything to navigate around it and nothing would respond. Except!! The screen record. So I was able to grab screenshots and several screen recordings of the behavior I was experiencing.  After about 10 minutes of trying to get the window to close it would not. It would say, No recently used apps, all the while the distorted unresponsive video was still playing. I could grab the window and move it but it would snap right back to the same location. Couldn't use messaging as the keyboard was unresponsive. Now by this time the smashed 1"x1½" has smashed and distorted to a thin fraction of an inch x 1½" and still playing till volume. Tried to shut the phone off and it would not let me. The phone was virtually unusable except for the screenshot and screen record.. Then I attempted to record another screen recording and the camera came on and flipped to selfie mode looking back at me and recording with no way to get it to stop recording or get it to flip back to front camera.. After around 20 min I was going to message a friend to see if had any ideas of what would cause this and the phone then any time I would attempt to open an app the phone was unresponsive and then the screen goes black. After about 15 seconds it would revert back to homescreen. I was able to screen record a few attempts with this issue with the screen going black then eventually back to home screen. You can see me tapping back or to close out the app with no response.  I have had no issues until this today and both instances happened with in 30 minutes of eachother.. Always have used Samsung and my previous phones including my last which was a note8 I never experienced anything such as this.. 

As I said I have had the phone just at a week and its using OS android 10..  Any info or help or anyone else experience the same issues at all.. I have not been able to find anyone else who has experienced this same issue..