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adding a news link as an attachment

(Topic created on: 1/9/21 7:52 AM)
Galaxy S20

can anyone tell me how to add a news link as an attachment on a message on my samsung s20

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Galaxy S20
All you need to do is press and hold on the news link for about 2 seconds... then press selection that says "copy". The link is the url address which could be in your internet address bar or listed somewhere on an internet page, text or email.

Then go into your message you are going to send, and "press" again there for about a second until you see selections, and select "paste". Then it will be inserted there in your message where you pressed your finger.

You can also use same process to paste into an email.

Finally, items you previously copied will be in your clipboard so you can send again to someone else days later. The clipboard should be on the top row of your keyboard. If you don't see it, click on dots on right side of keyboard and more items will appear, including your clipboard. When you open clipboard, you'll see items you previously copied. Good luck!

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