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bar code scanner

(Topic created on: 2/1/21 7:59 AM)
Galaxy S20

I just brought  the s20 fe. been having nothing but problem with it.  recent problem is the bar code scanner.  been trying  to scan a gift card.  with each scan I get unable to scan. had a friend scan the same card with his 20 dollar  phone he got off ebay.it scan the code perfectly first time.  why is my 700  phone not scanning the bar code. I get a very clear picture  of it,center the bar code perfectly  still get a unable to scan try again. are there some kind of setting the scanning  must be on cause I have check everything to make sure it has permission  to scan.  I even tried a third party bar code scanner, in which  my friend uses. but the s20 fe will not let a third party  app work. it denies the default.  wish I would have kept my essential ph1 even without the security updates, still a much better phone then the s20 fe.  


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