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finger print design flaw

I just bought a s20 plus today and installed a protector screen. Then looked at my screen there's a dot in the middle of the screen so I went back to my t-mobile store and asked why there's a half an inch dot visible on my screen the guy tells me what it was and I couldn't do anything about it. So this dot will be visible at all times when you put a protective screen on it. Horrible design flaw. I'm thinking of getting a different phone because of the scree. Way to go on testing and looking at your phones Samsung. 

Product Expert

Re: finger print design flaw

Good Afternoon @elKiter 

I am sorry to hear that you feel that this is a design flaw.  Samsung creates a wide range of products, so moving forward perhaps you can find a device that fits your needs better.  I feel the Fingerprint sensor is in a fantastic location.  It is centered to make it comfortable for unlocking your device.