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if text message yourself alot does ringtone notification stop work then starts again few mins

(Topic created: 04-13-2021 12:04 PM)
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since nobody didn't say anything let me spell it out to you 


ok so you got text alert and notification sound pop out messseger s20 plus


tell me if i'm wrong but if you text message yourself like 3, or 4 times does that notification ringtone stop working then you wait good few mins then work again but goes back not working


however if somebody else text message you back for something and you text back not only get alert but notification ring tone that you have it on aka sound will always work off the bat


again i'm trying to figure out if anybody having issues text messages notification ringtones besides alert kindof stop working after latest software update march from verizon or not 

which only happens if you text message yourself a few times, be nice somebody respond to me meh

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Not to be rude " But I'm sitting here trying to figure out why someone would text themselves .?
Galaxy S20
I had the problem of my text notifications stopped. Open your text messages, tap on the three dots on right side above messages. Tap settings, notifications then show notifications. No matter what I tried in normal settings I couldn't get it back on until I tried it this way. I have the S21.