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phone and text message icon seems different when closed look at recent used apps icons at bottom

(Topic created: 07-29-2022 02:54 AM)
Galaxy S20

so long story short back on 11th around 5:20 i got a spam phone call and instead of block or delete i somehow manager to upgrade call fliter plan  free to plus free i did went over verizon weds they told me that it is indeed on plus free but he couldn't put me back due to 17 credit


he told me that i have to wait until billing cycle ends 22nd of next month then it will go  back to free again

i  should had asked him and show it to him but wasn't paying attention notice it yesterday 

on s20 plus phone when you click on phone app icon and you go click on 3 lines on phone close all  and it  shows  no recent used apps and shows 4 icons at bottom of scene it should also show that same dial/phone icon it shouldn't show call fliter app icon right?

also text message it should show you normal text message icon when you go back to no recent used apps instead it display people icon right

now reason why it doing it because i'm in the dumb verizon call fliter trial plus mess ever since back on 11th  am i right so when bill cycle ends on 22nd next month plus goes back to free


when it falls back to free again next time i open up either phone icon or text message icon then hit 3 lines bottom of screen on phone aka closed all saying no recently used apps the dial phone number icon will still be saying that won't display call fliter icon nor text message closed it will also display same text messsage icon as well not people contact icon right?



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Galaxy S20
It's best if you have the my Verizon app. It's easier to navigate. Once opened sign into your account, head over to manage add ons, scroll till you see Verizon call filter and follow the steps after. You can choose to stay basic or upgrade to the 2.99 plan. I have the 2.99 plan It's worth it