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phone glitches Galaxy S20 FE

(Topic created on: 2/28/21 7:27 PM)
Galaxy S20
So I've had this phone for a while now. I am still have issues using wifi calling. Half the time that damn RTT turns itself on even though I have it turned off. The screen stays on and itv screws with calls.  Calls get dropped. Calls don't get through to me. My texts aren't sending correctly or at all. Wifi has just been a massive pain since I got this thing. The 5G came online for my home tower and it constantly freezes when the 5G signal comes on. It constantly bounced back and forth between 4G LTE and 5G. I never had an issue with a galaxy phone before. Not ever. This thing has never worked right. Not to mention the thing is huge! It's way too big and heavy. 
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Galaxy S20
I would have your carrier replace your SIM card