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"Cannot Obtain IP Address"

(Topic created: 06-22-2021 11:07 AM)
Galaxy S20

Since about March of 2021, I have had an issue where my phone will either disconnect from wifi, or refuse to connect when I get home/to work. None of the other devices in the house or my office are having issues with the wifi. To date I have attempted the following fixes:

- restart phone using the restart function
- hard restart phone using power and volume down buttons
- restart phone in safe mode
- toggle airplane mode off and on
- reset network settings
- turn off location accuracy

Probably more I've forgotten. The only thing that seems to work is rebooting or resetting the router, and sometimes have to do that more than once. This seems ridiculous for a single device. Has anyone had any luck with a solution that isn't mailing it in to be worked on?

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Galaxy S20

have you tried it in safe mode? 

submit an error report on members app > + button > error report if it doesn't connect to Wi-Fi in the safe mode either.