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s20+ TOF not working most of the time,help

(Topic created on: 3/14/21 10:41 AM)
Galaxy S20

hello everyone.

hope someone can help as im rly thinking about sending the device back

whenever i tried using night vision,an app on playstore that allows to see in the dark thank to tof,i was granted with a blank screen,meaning the tof isnt working

i also noticed that 3d ar,as well as samsung measures tool wasnt working either

typing *#0*# to access CIT ,i can see that tof is actually working,and the test passes successfully

today,idk how,tof worked ,both for ar and night vision.and then it stopped working

is this a hardware problem or a known bug caused by software?

id be so grateful if someone could help me on that,i still dont get how i managed to get it work once...

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