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s20 call sensor

Hi there,


Just recently got a replacement S20 as i was having a problem where what i believe to be the call sensor would turn on when i pressed the lock button to wake up the screen.


It would then think something is touhcing the top of the phone and wouldnt let me unlock the phone as it popped up saying "accidental touch" when nothing was touching it. I have taken of my phone case and it is still doing this every now and again and i have to drag a padlock from the middle of the screen to open the phone.


Had 2 S20 in 7 days and the problem is back again, any advice or help will be massively appreciated as i dont want to have to pop back to the shop again.


It looks like a grey flashing dot under the reception bars and when i tap on the screen to unlock it pops up saying "accidental touch" has this happened to anyone else as well?


Thank you so much!




Re: s20 call sensor

can u upload video??