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s20 no notification sound on new messages

I have no sound on new messages. everything is turned on . I have to manually turn on notification sound for every new message.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: s20 no notification sound on new messages

Thank you for reaching out. Are you receiving sounds with your other notifications? Have you tested the [phone in Safe Mode to see if you receive the text notification sounds during Safe Mode? 

  1. Turn the device off.
  2. Press and hold the Bixby / Power key past the model name screen appearing on the screen.
  3. When SAMSUNG appears on the screen, release the Bixby / Power key.
  4. Immediately after releasing the Power key, press and hold the Volume down key.
  5. Continue to hold the Volume down key until the device finishes restarting.
  6. When Safe mode appears in the bottom left corner of the screen, release the Volume down key.
  7. While in Safe mode, you can now uninstall apps that are causing a problem.




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