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s20 ultra night photo quality

Hi all,

It looks like s20 ultra captures awful photo in some particular scenarios.



Night mode, works perfect a lot of details and great dynamic range, why its not activated by default by scene detection?

Auto mode, look at the left bottom corner - denoiser killed all the details on the grass.

Pro mode, default jpeg is awfull - no details and all image is just blury, and the same shot made from dng file looks perfect, Samsung are you kidding?


And just for fun, in auto mode I made a shot with 5X zoom and got image with digital noise, cause ISO in auto mode was set to 3200! The same shot in night mode looks perfect but its unreal to capture focus in compare with auto mode.





night modenight mode

auto modeauto mode

pro modepro modejpeg from dngjpeg from dng