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samsung galaxy s20 ultra 5g 512gb

(Topic created on: 3/2/21 5:37 PM)
Galaxy S20
Hello, I have been looking for a s20 ultra 5g with 512gb of internal storage for a good long while now. I havent found any. Samsung released a new line of phone the s21 series which in my mind is sub par compared to the s20 and the s10 as they took out some features that were nice like the adaptive fast charging as well as the screen resolution and the SD card slot I would have gotten over it if I could use the adaptive fast charging as thats a feature I need in my line of work but unfortunately it doesn't have it so I want to get the s20 ultra 5g I need the storage space as well as the ram capacity. 

Sorry for the background info I just want to know if and when the s20 ultra 5g with 512gb of internal storage will be available id prefer to upgrade not essentially downgrade. 

Any help anyone can provide would be much appreciated thank you.
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Galaxy S20
Try the websites Swappa and Offer Up. I purchased my last 2 devices new-in-the-box for a considerable discount.