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we cant smart view pandora or other streaming apps anymore!!

I was streaming pandora through my tv utilizing the smart view option just before I did my update and I turn the smart view back on after the update and now I cant mirror my phones home screen and random apps anymore just samsung music, my gallery and most likely YouTube through idiotbox. This has me outraged now I have to use YouTube which I never do I listen to music....not watch it. 🤷‍♀️ <edit> I think I'm just gonna switch to iphone next month when my contract is up... <edit>🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


Re: we cant smart view pandora or other streaming apps anymore!!

sometimes rebooting your TV will fix connection problems between your TV and your phone. just leave your wifi on and reboot your TV. wait for your TV to get a wifi signal. and then click on the smart view icon. your TV that's equipped with google cast should pop up as a list of available devices for mirror devices. internet or wifi has to be running thru your TV for chrome cast to work. the other option is do you have a Roku stick or device that enables mirroring technology. now last time I used my roku. internet or wifi didn't have to be present or running for roku to work. i just allowed connection from phone to roku without internet. it's still allowing me to mirror to my TV with smart view. I have Galaxy Note 10+ and Samsung Tablet with October security update