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Accidentally Spilled Soda into S21

(Topic created on: 4/15/21 7:06 AM)
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So I accidentally spilled my Mountain Dew can and some of the liquid went into the bottom side of my S21. I dried it off immediately with some cloth. I checked my SIM card port and it like no liquid got inside and there was no pink colored strip inside either. It looked dry so I also checked by putting my charger in through the USBC port. My phone got a notification that moisture was detected so I removed the charger immediately. I then blew some air into the USBC port and speaker. Used a q-tip to swab everything inside the USBC port. I put the charger back in and there was no notification of moisture. However, I am worried that because Mountain Dew is very caustic will it cause any future damage if there are still bits of it inside, particularly the SIM port, USBC port, and bottom right speaker? I was checking what to do in the support page and it said to rinse out the USBC port with water. Can I just use my faucet's tap water to rinse it out and let it dry?

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You can and you can let your phone sit in some rice overnight to soak up the moisture.

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While the liquid may not hurt it the sugar probably will.  I would clean the areas with a contact cleaner before the liquid evaporates and the sugar dries.  A local ifixit shop would probably do it for next to nothing.

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