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Almost 7 hours talk with customer service - waste if life

(Topic created on: 4/8/21 2:54 PM)
Galaxy S21

Today I spend almost 7 hours with Samsung customer service!

Here is my story so that someone beside may get the pain I went through.

1. I order S21 Ultra in Matt black about 2 days ago

2. Upon my final purchues I was sure that I bought S21 Ultra 512 GB 

3. The phone arrived and it was only 128GB!!!

4. I called back the customer service and chatting with them as well to see why (how) the website switch my order  with out me being notify.

5. Fundamentally that conversation got to no where ( my guess as IT product owner there is a big in selecting section of S21 Ultra landing page )

6. Also my final recite and the one that I had been emailed did not have the details of the phone

7. Then I asked the customer service to exchange the phone. Which was not possible! Due to some stupid policy!!! Which I could not get 

8. The person on the other side asked me to return the wrong phone ( S21 Ultra matt 128 GB )and reorder a new phone.

9. Guess what I did l, exactly as 8 had been advised.

10. S21 512 WAS NOT AVAILABLE ! so I ordered 256GB version reluctantly 

Here is gonna get funny.

11. The order got cancelled about an hour after and only saw that about 3 hours later l, guess what I did called the customer service again to understand how this can be possible

12. The result after an hour waiting on the call was that I cannot have two phone in order! So I can only return the cilurrent phone and then get a new order.

13. The result was frustrating not help no recommendation just pure waiting!! For 10 to 15 days so that I can get a new phone.

Really I had a higher expectation from Samsung. The customer service could maybe save my order or my deal and offer to send me the phone when it would be available or they could have done the exchange.


Every thing for nothing, and for the first time in almost 10 year I looked into buying alternative flagship from anyone else who would have a phone available.





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Meaghan P
Galaxy S21

Well my 21Ultra arrived broken and imagine my surprise when they told me they do not exchange!!!  What a joke.  Yes go pay 1k more and twiddle your thumbs while you're out 2k and have no usable phone and MIGHT get a refund one day on that order you returned.  Awful awful awful company. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
Galaxy S21

I completely understand how much this experience has affected you. I wish I was equipped to handle your order information, but instead, I suggest you reach out to our E-Commerce department at, 1-855-726-8721. You'll be in good hands there. Thanks!

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