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Any way to allow Mobile Hotspot to run while data saver/restrict background app data use is ON?

(Topic created: 08-19-2021 01:17 PM)
Galaxy S21

Hello everyone!


Lately I've been having to use my hotspot on my S21 5G quite a bit due to my home internet provider having issues. I use it mainly for gaming on console. 

Im wondering if there's a way to allow mobile hotspot to continue running when data saver is turned on? Main reason I want to do this is to prevent background apps from using mobile data while I'm using the hotspot to save on bandwidth so my hotspot can use all bandwidth. 

I checked the "allowed apps" in the data saver settings, but mobile hotspot isn't on the list. I clicked on "show system apps", and still didn't find it. There's quite a few that show up that are com.android.network... or com.samsung.network....etc, but I don't see anything for mobile hotspot. 


Is there a way to do this somehow?

Thank you for your time and any help! (:

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