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Battery Life Blows. I've had and been using my basic S21 since launch.

(Topic created: 05-27-2021 04:33 AM)
Galaxy S21

Like a TON of other posts and complaints, mine is about the awful battery life.  I have saver mode on, dark. Theme, app management and sleeping apps etc. 

Your "solution" is trash. God I miss the old Motorola DROID phones. 

Samsung quality across the board of products has crashed and burned in the last 6 years. 

Patch it,  or make a new phone and replace any S21 that doesn't meet XYZ performance standards.  Make it a clear cut definition or requirement to qualify.  Yall know there are problems but it's cheaper to ignore until the new and improved POS you launch next.


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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21
Same here. Check this out. Went from getting about a day and a half battery life on my S21+ to less than 8 hours with under 3 hours of screen time since the most recent OTA update and security policy update. Screenshot_20210527-181753_Device care_4261.jpg
- Ibuddy66
Galaxy S21
Samsung deliberately does this to frustrate their customers to the point they purchase a new phone! They don't care about you. If you live in the U.S., you are halfway around the world from them. They are laughing their asses off at us!