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Battery Optimization

(Topic created: 05-05-2021 03:30 AM)
Galaxy S21
Hey Samsung, 

I'm pretty sure I've already brought this up (I have a lot of ideas for improvements) but I'm sure you're already aware how delicate smartphone batteries are. I'm thankful you added the IF condition in Bixby Routines, "Battery Equal To Or Above..." so I can ensure I don't let my battery get to 100%. But can you please add a customizable kill switch into Battery Saving settings that stops the phone from accepting a charge passed a chosen percentage?

As you know, until you revolutionize these batteries, they can only accept so many charge cycles before they begin to steadily degrade. We are no longer recommended to let the batteries fully discharge and fully charge as to keep their "memory." That's is harmful to the batteries nowadays. Since you are offering up to 5 years of security updates now, it would be highly beneficial for the customers (especially those that may not be able to get a new phone every few years due to very tight budgets and fixed incomes) to be able to have the phones charge overnight (as a lot already do) but stop accepting a charge at 80% - 90%. 

I'm assuming the reason you haven't implemented it is because Apple may have a patent or because of planned obsolescence. But I'm sure you could find a way to implement it in such a way that maneuvers around their patent. But as far as the planned obsolescence, so that customers will still buy your future phones, you could stop bringing current phone features to older phones. Like camera improvements and such. Causing customers to have to buy the new phones if they want those features. 
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