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Blocked Spam Call. Declined by Phone 🚫

(Topic created: 07-30-2021 11:19 AM)
Galaxy S21
Help!!! My S21 Ultra keeps blocking a call from a contact in my phone. This person has only successfully called me twice at random times without being sent straight to voicemail but every other time she calls it sends her straight to voicemail. She is able to text me and Duo me but she isn't able to make calls to me. The call long indicates "Blocked Spam Call, Declined by Phone". I am able to call her but she isn't able to call me unless for some odd reason my phone allows the call to go through. I've looked in the contacts setting and I don't have anything blocking her. She too is a Samnsung user, she has a SNOW 20 Ultra.  I have this contact marked on my favorites and have had them in my contacts forever. I never experienced this problem before and can't figure out how to allow her to be able to call me without having to text me and ask me to call her. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks in advance!! 
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First thing I would try is make sure her number is NOT blocked by

1. Click on Phone

2. Clicking the Three dots in the upper right corner

3. Click Settings

4. Click on blocked numbers


If they are not Blocked i would suggest trying to clear the Cache in your Contacts app and repeat the same process with you Phone app as well.

1.  Settings

2. Apps

3. Locate Contacts/ Phone in Apps

4.  Click on Contacts/ Phone

5.  Click Storage

6. Clear Cache

7. Restart Device

8. Have your contact try to call you.


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Galaxy S21
Still block their calls
Galaxy S21
Were u able to fix this?! I'm having the same issue!
Stephanie Nikki
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If the steps that GeorgeBrager209 posted were of no help, speaking with your carrier would be the next step. 

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