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Bluetooth connection to car shows no service on car screen, has bars on phone screen.

(Topic created: 07-10-2021 03:03 PM)
Galaxy S21

This is an intermittent problem and happens about once or twice a day. Other times it's all good. Sometimes, when I get in my car and my phone automatically connects to my car stereo (Stock Toyota), the car screen will show "No Service" where there should be bars. The phone screen shows 3 bars of service. It will not let me make a call. All other Bluetooth functions (audio) are unaffected. I can fix it by going into airplane mode and back out. Then everything works. I have another phone (S20 ultra) that connects to the same stereo with no problems. I have tried the "Reset Network connections" and it did not fix it. Does anyone else know what I can try? Or is it probably a problem with this phone's Bluetooth?

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