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Bluetooth issues

(Topic created: 11-23-2021 11:24 PM)
Galaxy S21

Hey guys,

Had my s21 ultra for about two weeks and so far not really impressed. I'm having loads of issues with Bluetooth with my watch (Huawei GT2 Pro) and my headphones (Soundcore P3).

When both are connected, if I try and make/recieve a call it defaults to my headphones and then drops it so I have to click Bluetooth and select device, my last phone always defaulted calls to the headphones. It does similar when I'm in the car. I've tried changing it so my watch is a input device only and it still happens. If my watch is a input devt only then it shouldn't even display for calls.

The other issue is that my watch can no longer find GPS from the phone when walking or going for a run.

Im hoping I'm being stupid and there are some settings I can change to get this working correctly.










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Galaxy S21

would normally suggest trying network reset but feel like it won't really fix the issue, feel free to give it a try tho.

I would suggest for this case, to submit error report to Samsung Members after reproducing the issue once more. Only 1 issue should be submitted per ticket, bundling issues will get the ticket rejected.