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Bluetooth, music good, no calls

(Topic created on: 5/12/21 12:09 PM)
Galaxy S21

I have the S21 Ultra with my Powerbeats Pro connected to them. They used to work fine, but today I have noticed an issue.

Media plays just fine through them, but when I make a call it reverts to the phone speaker and mic even though the Powerbeats are lit green on the call screen.

1. I have checked in the Bluetooth settings and the Powerbeats are set to Calls and Music.

2. I turned the Bluetooth off and back on reconnecting them with the same results.

3. I have turn the headset off and back on with the same results.

Before I waste any more time on this issue.. is this a known issue and is there a fix?

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Galaxy S21

have you tried to unpair them and pair them again? 

have you tried it in the safe mode?

or submit an error report via samsung members app