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Broken glass on my S21 Ultra

(Topic created on: 3/23/21 6:51 AM)
Galaxy S21

I ordered my Galaxy S21 Ultra through Verizon on March 10th, I received it on Friday March 12th, activated, copied all my data from my old phone.  I bought this phone because it was supposed to have the best glass because of gorilla technology I guess - 


The toughest Gorilla Glass yet

Built for those "oh no!" moments, Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™ delivers scratch and damage protection that makes it the toughest glass on a Samsung smartphone.7

On Thursday March 18th, I dropped my phone in the supermarket and the bottom 3/4 of the glass is flashing and then goes dark, I have to lock and unlock to get the screen to come back for a few minutes, there is a chip in the glass and lots of cracks from the chip down to the bottom.  I also ordered the recommended cover which did not protect the phone.  I had the glass cover I ordered also but then the fingerprint was not working so I took it off, waste of $50 there.  Has anyone else had this kind of issue with this phone and the screen chipping and cracking?  I have an appointment with a tech to replace the glass on Thursday through my insurance plan with Verizon. 

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Galaxy S21

Many people have this problem when they drop their phone.  Samsung and Corning have partnered to provide the best possible solution to this problem, but there is still no such thing as 100% protection.  Dropping a cell phone that is all glass on the front is always a gamble, as some drops fall just right, and cause 0 damage at all, whereas, on the other extreme, a seemingly meaningless drop can fall just right to cause damage like what you are experiencing, or even worse. 

While I am sorry for your experience, it is not a manufacturers defect that caused your drop, so no one can claim to have the same issue, as again, all drops are different. 

Thankfully Verizon is footing the bill in your case.

Galaxy S21

I've had my s21 for not even 2 weeks, never dropped it, don't put in my pocket, work from home. I have 4 freaking cracks in it. <edit>