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Came back and regrets

(Topic created: 10-17-2021 11:21 PM)
Galaxy S21
After many years of leaving an android device and going Apple, I decided to retry Samsung.  Biggest mistake in my phone purchasing history ever.  Pretty ordered the S21PLUS AND IMPATIENTLY waited for it to arrive.  Only to get a phone that over heats, horrible connection,  basic camera,  and worst customer service ever.  I wasted $1000 and my iPhone for a Frisbee that I didn't want back.  I would rather go back to am apple 1 than ever use this phone again. Memory was up after a few days,  which was strange after I never used that much before but to only find out there wasn't an SD slot which I was told there would be.  So sick with a pos with no more data and nothing I could do with it.  Was done.  Good job Samsung on marketing but you have to follow through.... which is where you fall. Peace out. I won't be waiting around to see how much worse this gets out stay to keep complaining like most do. I simply pack up and head back home.  
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Galaxy S21
U could get a refund, take the money and get a note 20 ultra from Amazon, I paid about 80% for my top spec n20u than what I would've paid for the mid range s21 ultra