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Can I get "Do not disturb" to truly stop disturbing me?

(Topic created: 09-27-2022 05:48 PM)
Galaxy S21

What I mean is when I first got S21 I turned off sound but was bothered that it kept media volume on. I was told to instead move the Do not disturb option up to the top, and that worked well for a while but now I am still getting notifications with sound from a Facebook message or a Skype message.

When I turn on Do not disturb I want my phone to never make any sounds, unless it's an alarm I have previously set that I know about. For everything else, media, apps, whatever, is there a way I can truly get it to stop giving me sound?

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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21
Go into do not disturb settings and turn everything to OFF when DND is active.

Also, if you get a notification from an app while it's active, check the app settings to ensure the app doesn't have override DND switched on.

On my S21+, do not disturb is 100% silence