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Check Charger/USB Port S21U

(Topic created: 05-08-2021 06:25 AM)
Galaxy S21
Edit: Booted into recovery and wiped cache, error STILL persists.  Booted in safe mode, STILL the error persists.  I am extremely frustrated with this new phone!!!

 I was asleep when my phone started making a very loud "Boomp" "Boomp" sound that woke me up. My SD 888, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra was plugged into the charger fully charged and completely dry but a notification that took up half the screen stated there was water detected. I find this strange as the sink is down the hall and my phone had been in one location the entire night. There was no water or fluid sources near or around it. Also, upon further inspection, my phone and the port were completely dry! Now there's a water drop warning icon that won't go away and I am unable to charge my phone. It's been hours and hours and I cannot plug my phone in to charge, I have no access to a wireless charger. I don't understand how the phone is detecting water when it's dry as **bleep**, and wasn't even moving. The charging port is clean and has no obstructions at all. I cannot make this notification go away, it won't even charge when the phone is off. How do make this useless notification go away guys!? 
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