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Coming from a S10 5G and I have a few questions maybe you all can help answer

(Topic created on: 4/6/21 1:16 AM)
Galaxy S21

I've got a few questions maybe this sub can help me find a resolution for:

  1. I've noticed the battery life doesn't last me all day like it did with my S10 5G (I even had 1440p mode on always). Is this due to the 120hz screen? I understand the battery is 500mAh smaller but I'm surprised by the difference. Could this also be because I just bought the phone and it takes a while for Android to learn my patterns?

  2. I use rif Platinum to browse Reddit, and when scrolling all the way at the end of a thread the bottom left part of the text is always cut off by 2-3 letters. Is there a way to avoid this? I haven't noticed it in any other apps since other apps don't use the entire real estate for text, but wondering if there is a resolution.

  3. My screen randomly awakes sometimes and I can't figure out what notification is making this happen. At first I thought it was Snapchat but it has wake screen disabled, and my notification center doesn't show anything. Is there another app that can help me identify this?

  4. I noticed the speakers don't sound nearly as good as they did on my S10 5G. What is the best speaker settings to have on the phone if I use it for YouTube/Spotify? The S10 5G just felt "fuller" and better all around.

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