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DEX version runs terrible

(Topic created: 12-30-2022 06:46 AM)
Galaxy S21

I have been using Dex for years with no issues even with my newest purchase of s21.

I run it with usb-c to usb to desktop windows 10 . All systems are updated and current to date. I have huge amounts of RAM,MEM,CPU. But since the day I updated to newest dex version it runs terribly. It lags during operation, especially videos on like YouTube or running 2 apps like apple music and messager. It appears to be a resource issue , but the desktop and phone show no excess resource use. I've changed USB chords. Turned off Microsoft virus. Rebooted . Unnstalled - reinstalled dex . I've sent a error report and got a vague response from support such as make sure Dex button is on? HELP!!!


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Black Hole
Galaxy S21
my DeX version is 4.2.23