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Dear Samsung, please add power saving option

(Topic created: 09-15-2021 04:15 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21
Hey so I've been using my Galaxy s21 Ultra and have been loving it. I feel like it has all the features I could ever want but there is one thing related to the software that is annoying. So I have adaptive power saving turned on so that means whenever my power saving decides to automatically turn on, it will reduce my motion smoothness to 60 Hertz. I want an option to make it so that the refresh rate isn't affected when my power saving turns on because I want to use power saving mode and have it do the other things it does, but I hate how choppy my phone feels at 60 Hertz now that I'm using 120 so please make that an option. I will have adaptive power saving mode turned off until this is an option. (Sorry for the bad grammar I wrote this in a rush) 
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