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EF-NG996 wallet cover buttons indent no longer seem to cause power and other buttons to respond, worn out? S21+

(Topic created: 12-07-2023 08:09 PM)
Galaxy S21

I have Samsung genuine wallet cover for S21+ (expensive and hard to find wondering what other Samsung model wallet covers will also work 100% on S21+ 5G) but real issue are the buttons such as double push power button to get camera, or powerdown menu. I cleaned buttons on phone with qtip and alcohol and it works fine without cover but you have to press the cover extended pusheee things 20-30 times extra hard to get it to work, seems to be worn somehow?  has been getting worse. cant get camera (double push) to ever come on. and if my screen goes dark (power saver timeout) i have to press so many times and so hard now to get it to wake up. do these covers wear thin so the indentation buttons on phone not feel the press? i cant find right terms to describe. anyone have this or know solution? TY

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