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Edge Lighting and Photo Saturation

(Topic created on: 6/9/21 9:47 PM)
Galaxy S21


Just bought an S21 - had an iPhone for 5 years prior. 

I noticed that the S21's lock screen doesn't light up when I get a notification, compared to an iPhone. I then discovered edge lighting, but noticed it only works on select apps. After reading various forums and Reddit threads, I believe there is no fix to this except to download a third party app. Was wondering if Samsung, in a future software update, could make it so that edge lighting worked for all app notifications? 

Additionally, I knew before purchasing (by watching tons of tech videos), that Samsung has heavy photo saturation. I heard from Youtubers that it was toned down for the S21, which incentivized me to buy the new Galaxy (the last Galaxy I owned was an S3!) The photo saturation was a big deal breaker for me since the camera is a big part of how I choose my phones. However, after testing out my phone, I think the photo saturation is still very heavy. I do like this phone and don't want to return it, but I'm wondering if the default photo can be less saturated in a future software upgrade? Or have some kind of option to turn it off and opt for more natural looking photos? I understand why this is done - for social media, etc., but if there was an option for more natural coloring, that'd be super great. 

Otherwise, love this phone. Glad to be back on Android!


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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21

as for the edge lighting, I thought there was a suggestion box or some sort in the Samsung Members app... but couldn't find it. Maybe chat service on their website could find you a suggestion box "I'ld like xyz feature in the future" sort of thing, if there's enough people asking for the feature i'm sure they'll put it back or try to make something of it.

as for the camera saturation... it's sort of Samsung's thing as you've already found out from your own research. but one thing you could do for now is make your own filter using the filter settings in the camera app... the way it works (it seems) is that you take a picture of the saturation that you like, and make that picture as your filter style and have it apply whenever you take a picture. Just a thought, it's a bit of a bothersome process. It's an option tho, aside from another camera app.

Only other way would be to use the Pro-mode or preset filters (which I don't really a whole lot of), but Pro-mode is too much work for taking a picture quickly