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Fingerprint disabled during phone calls -

(Topic created: 03-19-2024 03:48 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21
During phone calls, if my phone lock screen appears, my phone asks for the unlocking password letters rather than my fingerprint password - I can't even use my fingerprint to unlock while my phone is in a phone call. 
This is very exasperating, one is encouraged to have a very complex hard to enter password. Now, if I'm in a phone call, I have to be entering this hard to enter password every minute
I normally have to Google something quickly during a phone call, but I can't because my phone is locked and typing takes toooooooo loooooong
Why is fingerprint use disabled in phone calls?
After I end the phone call, I can unlock my phone with my fingerprint, as usual, but I can't use my fingerprint to unlock my phone during a phone call...
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Black Hole
Galaxy S21

Why don't you just turn on extend unlock? Use on body detection, trusted places, trusted devices or whatever combination you choose. If you have biometrics set and enabled you should be able to unlock with fingerprint. I have never had my phone lock while on a phone call, but then again, I've always had it set to remain unlocked when connected to my watch. You can also set a longer screen timeout - up to 10 mins before it locks. If that seems too Long, remember you can always lock it manually, if you are worried about privacy.