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Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G LED Wallet Cover, Black settings?

(Topic created: 07-20-2021 08:14 AM)
Galaxy S21

Hello - on the product page for this case (https://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/mobile-accessories/phones/galaxy-s21-ultra-5g-led-wallet-cover-bla...)  it shows a screen (a little past half way down the page) where you can adjust if it turns on when you pick it up, shake it, how long to wait before turning it off, etc.  However the only setting in my phone that I can find is for automatic unlock.


If the only time it will tell me the time is when I close the case then I want to return the case.  There is one time where I am guaranteed to not need to know what time it is, and that is right after having looked at my phone screen.


Anyone know what is up with this?

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