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Galaxy S21 Ultra - Damaging a microphone and speaker holes by inserting pin by mistake

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Galaxy S21

Unfortunately, I put the pin first in the speaker hole and then in the microphone hole (before I had the Galaxy Note8, where the SIM was placed from above). Could I damage the waterproofness of the phone, as it is written everywhere on the web, that this is a design fault of this type of phone? Thank you for answer.

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I basically did the same thing and I'm wondering if I to have damaged my waterproof rating. Did you ever have any issues after this or did you ever find any new information on the topic?
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Probably not.  The hole leads to a channel for the sound and is nowhere near the speaker.

Fast forward to 1:45 in this video.  Remember that you're looking at the back of the camera.  The speaker hole is on the top left where the speaker is on the right.

Galaxy S21 Ultra Teardown! - Its bigger than you think.... - Bing video

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