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Google Assistant Won't Allow me to Call a Contact's Work or Home Number.

(Topic created: 09-06-2023 05:10 AM)
Galaxy S21

I have a Samsung S21 Plus Ultra.  Suddenly just over a month ago Google Assistant is no longer allowing me to choose which contact's phone number I want to call and no matter what number I tell it to call it calls their cell phone number.  If I say, "Call Dave Work", it says, "All right, calling Dave" and then just calls his cell phone number.  I've tried removing the contact default number but that doesn't help either.  I've tried technical support with Verizon with no success.  They suggested I create separate contact entries for each phone number but that would be cumbersome and should not be necessary.  I don't know if this is a problem only I'm having or if others are also experiencing this.  Hoping someone can help, thanks.

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