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I need help & clarity on the "lock this app" feature

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Galaxy S21

I recently switched from my beloved S9+ to the S21 FE only because I wanted a better camera. I use YouTube Music often and it runs in the background while I'm at work listening to music. I used the "lock this app" feature to keep it and other apps like Google maps from closing when I wanted to force close all  other apps. However, I was still able to completely close the locked apps by simply swiping it up when I was done with them. I set the lock feature on my same apps on the S21 but when I went to swipe them up to close them, they wouldn't. *Cue intense frustration.* So my question is, did Samsung change the way the "lock this app" feature works or is my phone simply not operating operating properly? It would be an EXTREME inconvenience to have to lock and unlock apps everyday when I'm done using them (to save battery and keep apps from running 24/7). PLEASEEEEEE help!





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