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Is the S9 better than the S21? No, but...

(Topic created: 09-12-2022 07:47 AM)
Galaxy S21
Something to ponder...
Things I like more on my wife's Galaxy S9 compared to my Galaxy S21:

- General phone size of the S9 is slightly smaller than S21. For me, this is much better.
- Fingerprint sensor is located on the back of the S9. For me, this is much better.
- Screen resolution is WQHD+ on the S9. For me, this is much better.
- Micro SD card on the S9. For me, this is slighty better but.. 
- Headphone jack.in the S9. For me, this is slighty better but...

Of course technology advances like 5G, improved processing/battery power, and newer Android versions available on the S21 are much better. But in general, the S9 just seems to be built better.

Maybe Samsung could incorporate some items from the S9 like the better screen resolution and the rear fingerprint reader to the newer phones.

What say you guys?

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Galaxy S21
I prefer the rear print reader but I guess samsung had to compete with Apple with it in glass.
screen protectors are awkward with the fingerprint & often don't work, even with a different surface area in the spot, plus it's visually distracting.
it gives the appearance of placing an old iPhone screen protector, with the home button cut out, on your device. looks not very classy.