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Just bought S21U, saw interesting feature exactly once.

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So, as the title states, I just got an S21 Ultra. Love the phone so far. Amazing screen, almost unsettlingly smooth movements in certain apps with the 120Hz screen. But one thing that intrigued me that I didn't see on my previous Note 9... When purchasing an adapter to use to hardwire a DashCam, the website I was making the purchase (Advance Auto Parts), the checkout screen said to tap my credit card to enter the details automatically (or something like that). I will note that this happened on Chrome, just a few days ago (Saturday), and when I attempted to get the message to come up again to test that feature, I can't seem to get it to work. The message no longer comes up, rather it just pulls up the list of cards that I have saved on my phone.

I'm honestly not sure if this is a Samsung feature, a Chrome feature, or what, so I thought I would try asking here after numerous searches on Google that turn up nothing but how to use Google Pay/GPay and Samsung Pay in store. Even a few searches on Reddit didn't bring up any information.

Any thoughts? Has anybody else ever see this, and know how to get it to show up again?

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Never heard of that.  The closest I've seen to that are apps that take a picture of your card and import them.  I just tried to order something o their website and nothing popped up except my saved credit cards.

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