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Keyboard keeps glitching since the update

(Topic created: 11-24-2021 09:41 PM)
Galaxy S21
I always use a theme on my phone and have never had issues with is. Since the update my keyboard will randomly switch back to the original. The first time it happened I switched to a different theme and it's still happening. I've restarted the phone, cleared catched and everything I've read on Google to fix it and it doesn't. It will just randomly switch back to the theme keyboard. I've had issues with my galaxy s21 since I got it in February but for some reason now there isn't a store I can take it to too have it looked at when a couple years ago there was multiple stores I could take it to around me. I don't like that you have to mail the phone in and have to pay if samsung says there isn't a software issue or anything wrong with it. If i have to mail it in, wait, and possibly have to pay for something than it makes more sense for me to make an insurance claim with my phone provider but i shouldnt have to do that if theres been an issue with the phone since a got it. I'm not sure what happened with Samsung but it seems to be going downhill since the past couple of years. 
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