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Lock Screen Notifications - Swipe to Dismiss Not Working (One UI 6.0 Update)

(Topic created: 01-24-2024 12:43 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21

I have just updated to the Samsung One UI 6.0 on my Samsung Galaxy S21 5G.

Since the update, my lock screen does not let me swipe notifications away.

Under the Lock Screen Notification settings, I currently have the "Hide Content" turned on.
If I change  this to "Show Content", it then lets me swipe the notification away on the lock screen.

This feature worked perfectly fine both ways before I installed this update.

Photo below shows a Facebook Messenger notification.
I use to be able to tap on it, and then swipe the notification away to dismiss it and just have a blank lock screen but it doesn't work anymore.

Any tips on how to get this back working again?
Or will I have to change to the "Show Content" option (which I don't want).
Why remove such a feature?

Model Name: SM-G991B/DS
Software Information - Build Number: UP1A.231005.003.G991BXXU9FWL3
Based in New Zealand.

Lock Screen Screenshot.jpgLock Screen Notification.jpg

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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21

Samsung can you fix what wasn't broke in the first place? 😂