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Mobile data stops working for certain apps

(Topic created: 03-18-2023 03:55 PM)
Galaxy S21

For some reason my mobile data stops working fir sertin apps and sometimes in general for everything, usually dosen't work for some apps and it's getting annoying being randomly disconnected from Instagram or games what not any way to fix this? I already looked at the network settings Nothing has been working 


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Galaxy S21

Hoping someone here has a trick I can try.

Just switched from my trusty S8 to a new S21, same sim-card, same everything.

Several times a day, the little "up and down" arrows underneath the 4g/3g logo next to battery indicator disappears, and I lose internet access. I can still see that it switches between 4g and 3g depending on coverage if I'm in an edge area, but also sometimes happen while stationary.

The only way I've found to restore access is to go airplane mode for a few seconds, or to restart the phone. Simply turning on and off mobile data is not enough to restore connection.

Anyone else experienced this?

I have tried resetting network settings as well, and verified the APN settings with my providers details, and also took my sim back in my old phone for a few days without any issues, so I'm quite certain it's the phone.