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My S21 having Bixby Voice trouble.

(Topic created: 05-17-2022 01:59 PM)
Galaxy S21

Occasionally Bixby voice would dial out to a specific contact when I did not answer any incoming call. I did a full factory reset but continued to have this problem. I decided to try stopping Bixby Voice from interacting with my phone but did not find any relevant answers online. I believe I have found a way to do that and want to share it with you. If you go to Apps/Samsung app settings/Bixby voice/Leave Bixby you will be able to stop Bixby Voice from interacting with your phone.  According to the prompt it will take about a week to leave Bixby. After waiting seven days I went back to the Leave Bixby section and clicked OK at the prompt.  Samsung approved my request and now I no longer have random contact calling. I hope this will be helpful to those looking to leave Bixby since I have not found any reference to this solution anywhere online.

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