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Not Upgrading From My S10

(Topic created: 07-15-2021 10:31 AM)
Galaxy S21

Im passing on an upgrade to current Samsung mobile offerings, due to the lack of expandable/portable micro SD card feature being removed, which I have found very useful over the years I've been a Samsung mobile customer.

Not sure if this will reach management ears, perhaps it might.  With the S22 coming up perhaps in December, I would be first in line if a micro SD slot is available.  Otherwise, very likely that I will jump ship to another manufacturer/competitor.  

I'm guessing that I'm not alone, so maybe if you are reading this and echo the opinion, Samsung might get the message......  the hardware and support on my Samsung equipment has been superb, no complaints at all on any of the many phones I've owned all these years, and I hate to switch, but it's very likely for the next device.

A. Graham Bell
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