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Notifications only work when I open the app.

(Topic created: 08-25-2021 01:55 PM)
Galaxy S21
I do not receive instagram notifications unless I login into the app. I've done everything that I know of to fix the problem. I've deleted the app and reinstalled it multiple times, it's updated and so is my phone, I've deleted the app and downloaded it from another app store, cleared data and cache multiple times, turn on and off my phone, data saver is off, power saving mode is off, do not disturb is off, airplane mode is off, allowed all notifications in app and phone settings and are on alert, background activity is on, the battery optimization is on but in order to allow background activity I have to have the battery optimization on, badges is on and pop up allowed, I've reported it to instagram and still nothing. I either login in constantly or stay logged in. It's frustrating, my stepsister has the exact same phone as I do and our settings are all the same but hers work and mine don't. It seems like samsung has notifications problems. It tips would be appreciated.
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