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One UI 4 Pull down menu, Bluetooth and word correction bugs

(Topic created: 11-19-2021 02:24 PM)
Galaxy S21
I just updated my S21 Ultra to One UI 4 and have a few issues:

1.) Pull down menu doesn't function properly. I can pull down the menu itself but when I press the various buttons, no response. No Bluetooth, no wifi, no airplane mode- no nothing. I literally have to open the full settings menu to access any of those things. 

2.) My Bluetooth is disconnecting from my Samsung Soundbar often.

3.) When I'm typing and I misspell something, the suggestion box is filled with about 200 characters of jumbled letters and numbers with no actual words. 

This new UI 4 is fire :fire: I love the aesthetic, it just needs some tweaks ASAP! 

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Galaxy S21

try it in safe mode and see if those issues are still occurring, 

submit an error report if you think it's a software glitch

Samsung Members app > + Button > Error report