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Option to have blocked calls/text listed in hidden folder

(Topic created: 03-22-2023 07:27 AM)
Galaxy S21

Hi there,

I have the new Samsung s21+ and all other androids I've had including other Samsung, when I've blocked numbers, the blocked messages and calls get moved to a spam and blocked folder where I can see if any other new calls or texts have been made. I figured naturally, as all the other phones have saved them, this one would too, but to my surprise it does not. Can I change this feature? For personal and legal reasons, having this feature was very helpful and it's a real deterrent to liking this phone. Why does this phone not do it? Is there a way to make it? I really need this feature and need a phone that allows me to block a sender but still stores incoming messages and calls to a hidden folder. Thanks! 






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