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Ordered March 25 and still not shipped

(Topic created on: 4/26/21 9:00 PM)
Galaxy S21

I am at the end of my rope. I ordered an unlocked S21 ultra 256gb black phone March 25th and it said my phone and ear buds would be delivered on or before April 20th. About 2 weeks later I ask support for an update as to when it will be shipped because the online account started showing the date changed to May 11th. Almost 2 months to get my phone and today now I a being told May 21st **bleep** is going on, why 2 months to get a phone I ordered March 25th? The support is a nightmare and even once when I called there was a rooster screaming over and over during the whole call. I get put on hold  for 20 minutes and hung up on. I get lied to when I asked why the shipping date changed I was told not to worry, it for sure would be delivered by April 20th. The worst supper I have ever seen in my life. 

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