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Orders delayed

(Topic created on: 3/24/21 2:39 AM)
Galaxy S21
I'm seriously beyond upset, put order on Jan 23rd, for S21 Plus and adds on. Phones and smart tags were sent on March 1st that's when the whole shady things happened. First email saying we're working to get your stuff shipped, we're sorry you orders got delayed, one of your items is out of stock then to make it worse they tried to charged the account but payment was rejected please call your bank! Mind you this is through Samsung Financing! I called TD Bank to authorized the payment and they said nothing's wrong with the account I have way more than enough credit for them to charged my account. Called Samsung they told me maybe the email was for they can't authorized payment for the phones back on February 14th but they able to charged it on Feb 25th which I never got email for that issue until 2 days ago after I keep calling them asking where the rest of the orders!
Me and my family have been a loyal Samsung customers for years but after experiencing Samsung shady practice I'm looking for other company for my next phones. Congratulation Samsung you lost customers!!!

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